Interview for Hong Kong based Garde Magazine

I was born and raised in Rumelange, the most southern “city“ in Luxembourg, right next to the French border – it has a town status with a total population of 5000 people only. I am the only child to a Luxembourgish father and a Thai mother. They gave me the name Lynn – because my parents thought it would sound both European and Asian at the same time. Therefore, travelling to Thailand every year was kind of a tradition for me.

During my travels I would always have my camera with me, so this is why I started photographing at an early age, using a point and shoot camera back then. I remember staging myself when I was a young teen and it was only in the first years of secondary school that I started taking photographs of other people.

I bought a DSLR when I started art specification at secondary school and as I graduated, I knew that I had to leave tiny Luxembourg if I really wanted to pursue a career in photography. Only one month after graduation, I moved to Berlin to study photography at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (Berlin Technical Art School) where I met inspiring personalities as Kristian Schuller and Elizaveta Porodina.

It was in Berlin where I assisted a lot of good photographers and I was lucky to accompany photo productions for Mc Donald’s, Quäse, Leica, Jacks Beauty Department.

I learned a lot about myself and for my photography during the five years that I stayed in Berlin. I even did a makeup course in order to have a better understanding of beauty photography.

My work is often inspired by travels, my fascination for big cities, impressions, people, crowds, sounds and colors. My art seeks to captivate a certain aesthetic regarding colors and forms out of the common.